Trump releases wrath on Syria


This is scary that Trump is gonna make us go to war. I mean we did elect this man for a reason and he had to take a step and do something Obama could never do.

The weapon’s official designation is: Guided Bomb Unit, Massive Ordnance Air Blast. The acronym MOAB has also been rendered as the “Mother Of All Bombs.” The name is likely a reference to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s threat of the “mother of all battles” over Kuwait in 1991.
U.S. Bombs, Destroys Khorasan Group Stronghold in Afghanistan

The weapon was first tested in March 2003, just before the US invasion of Iraq. The MOAB is descended from the BLU-82B ‘Daisy Cutter,’ a Vietnam-era bomb that weighed 15,000 pounds (6,800 kg) and was used to clear jungle and desert minefields. The weapon was used with devastating effect against Iraqi troops in 1991. The last of the 225 BLU-82s were expended by 2008 and officially replaced by the MOAB.

LONDON — With the U.S. and Russia locked in a standoff over Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons, the Syrian army is claiming hundreds of people were killed this week by U.S. or allied aircraft hitting a purported ISIS chemical weapons cache.
The Syrian Army General Command issued a statement — quickly dismissed as “misinformation” by the U.S.-led coalition — without any evidence of the purported mass-deaths in the ISIS-held Deir Ezzor region, claiming it as evidence, “that terrorist organizations and the forces supporting them are coordinating their efforts to find excuses and accuse the Syrian Arab army of using chemical weapons.”
The extraordinary claim comes just a week after an attack likely using the banned nerve agent sarin left almost 90 civilians dead in Syria’s northern Idlib province — about a third of them children. The Trump administration says it has solid evidence proving Assad ordered the chemical strike in Khan Sheikhoun and that his troops carried it out.

The Trump administration signaled that it’s considering a military response to Syria’s chemical attack that left dozens of civilians dead. As Hol…

Syria and its most vital international backer Russia have dismissed the allegations, claiming the Khan Sheikhoun deaths were the result of a coalition missile hitting a rebel chemical stockpile — or a complete fabrication by the U.S. government.
Last week, experts dismissed that notion to CBS News, saying a conventional weapons strike would destroy chemical weapons on the ground, not disperse them effectively enough to kill a large number of people.
As CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan reports from Moscow, Russia continues to reject the conclusion by U.S. intelligence that its ally Assad carried out the sarin gas attack.
Speaking alongside his Russian counterpart on Thursday, a day after President Trump said U.S.-Russian relations could be sitting at a historical low-point, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. has “no firm information to indicate that there was any involvement by Russian” forces in the Khan Sheikhoun attack.
Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. and Russia. At the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace!

President Trump is staking out new foreign policy positions that are 100 percent different from his campaign promises. In one day, he reversed hi…

Tillerson said previously that he believed Russia was either complicit in the attack, or at the least incompetent at preventing Assad from carrying it out. Brennan reports that Tillerson told Russian officials in Moscow the path to better relations with Washington must start with a recognition that Assad has to go.
In meetings that included a closed-door discussion with President Putin, Tillerson argued that Moscow should play a lead role in forming a new government to replace the Syrian dictator.
With Washington and Moscow locking horns over their use of chemical weapons, the Syrians’ claim on Thursday appeared to be an effort to shore-up the debunked theory behind their explanation of an attack that left 87 people dead and hundreds more gasping for air and foaming at the mouth just a week earlier in Khan Sheikhoun.
“Aircrafts of the so-called U.S.-led International Alliance on Wednesday carried out an airstrike between the hour 17:30 and 17:50 against a position of ISIS terrorists that includes a large number of foreign mercenaries in the village of Hatla to the east of Deir Ezzor, causing a white cloud that became yellow as a result of the explosion of a huge store that includes a large amount of toxic materials,” said the Syrian army’s statement, which was read out on state television.

Fran Townsend, former homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush and CBS News senior national security analyst, joins “CBS This Mornin…

It said “hundreds” were killed, “including large numbers of civilians, due to the suffocation resulting from inhaling toxic substances.” The statement also reiterated the regime’s blanket denial of possessing or using any chemical weapons.
“The Coalition conducted no strikes in that area at that time,” U.S. Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition operating in Syria and Iraq, told the Reuters news agency in an email. “The Syrian claim is incorrect and likely intentional misinformation.”
Significantly, Russia’s Defense Ministry wouldn’t back up the Syrian army’s claim on Thursday, with a spokesman saying Moscow was unaware of any significant civilian deaths in the Deir Ezzor region resulting from a coalition strike this week.
The Syrian army’s statement wasn’t accompanied by any photos or video, and no images posted online by ISIS or any Syrian activist groups supported the claim.
Almost immediately after the Khan Sheikhoun attack, activists and medical workers posted horrific videos showing young children and other victims of all ages gasping for air or already dead, without any clear signs of external injury.
In an interview published Thursday, Assad again labelled the Khan Sheikhoun attack a “100 percent fabrication” by the U.S. to justify a missile strike on a Syrian airbase.
If his regime’s claim on Thursday is anything more than “intentional misinformation,” however, Assad has a long way to go to prove it.
Syrian misinformation aside, what really matters — as President Trump and Secretary Tillerson have made clear — is how much longer Russia will keep playing along with Assad’s narrative to keep him in power.

13 year old kills himself on Instagram Live


I heard a big boom. I couldn’t tell if it was a gun shot or what.

This is wild. This kid was showing off the gun probably to look cool. In my sense guns like that in a home like theirs, he was probably in the wrong crowd of people that could lead up to gangs. But his mother is trying to make mothers question their children more.

Quite a scary thing for us.

Thirteen-year-old Malachi Hemphill was live on the social media site Instagram handling the gun when it went off. He was rushed to Grady Hospital where he died.

Forest Park Police said they responded at about 10:40 p.m.

“This is just a pain that will never go away,” she said. “He was my only son. He was just only 13. Just the thought of me seeing him on the floor will never leave my brain.”

ULA successfully launches Air Force satcom satellite into orbit


WASHINGTON – The United Launch Alliance successfully launched the Air Force’s Wideband Global Satcom 9 satellite Saturday evening aboard a Delta 4 rocket.

The Delta 4 Medium-Plus (5,4) lifted off from Cape Canaveral’s Space Launch Complex 37 at 8:18 p.m. Eastern, about halfway into its 75-minute launch window. The window opened at 7:44 p.m., but an issue with the swing-arm system on the gantry extended a planned hold in the countdown.

The launch is the second national security mission for ULA this month, following the liftoff of a National Reconnaissance Office payload on an Atlas 5 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California  March 1.


The Delta 4 rocket sported logos for the WGS 9 satellite and the Air Force’s 70th anniversary.
U.S. allies also use the constellation, and WGS-9 was funded in part by Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Luxembourg.The Boeing-built WGS-9 is the next unit in the Air Force’s military satcom constellation. It will provide greater capacity, as well as Ka- and X-band communications with anti-jamming capabilities. The Air Force celebrated the WGS-9 launch as part of the festivities for the service’s 70th anniversary.

“Military operations are increasingly dependent on capabilities based in space and the Canadian Armed Forces recognizes this fact,” Brigadier General Blaise Frawley, director general for space for the Royal Canadian Air Force, said in a statement. “WGS-9 will further enhance a reliable satcom network, and ensure our forces at home and abroad can communicate effectively to enable success on operations.”

Another WGS launch is planned for 2019, bringing the constellation up to 10. The Defense Department is currently conducting an analysis to determine what its next step should be for military satellite communications. The potential options include purchasing more WGS satellites, starting a new system, or purchasing greater capacity from the commercial sector.


NIDA approves marijuana as a medicine


Earlier this month, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) updated its web page on medical marijuana.

The change is subtle, but significant.

For several years, NIDA’s primer on medical cannabis started with a fundamental question: “Is marijuana medicine?” before diving into the ensuing discussion. The conclusion one could draw, without reading a word further, was that nobody was really sure one way or the other; the question was an open one.

Since then, a majority of states across the country have gone ahead and answered with a resounding “Yes.”

This was before the National Academy of Sciences published its landmark review in January, in which it found “conclusive” evidence of cannabis’s efficacy as a medicine for certain medical conditions—with some very suggestive evidence, unproven for lack of research, for its value in other ailments.

Whether it was red states like Arkansas and North Dakota embracing cannabis or a massive gang of scientists too large to ignore, NIDA has stopped asking the question—at least on its official web resource. 

Instead of asking “Is Marijuana Medicine?,” as it has since the last revision in July 2015, the official DrugFacts page on cannabis, updated in March 2017, now leads with the declaration “Marijuana as Medicine.”

Other changes include further information on synthetic marijuana, which has exploded in popularity, potency and as a public-health menace over the past year. The NIDA page now also includes a warning for pregnant women considering whether to use cannabis to soothe morning-sickness-induced nausea.

Even that note is shockingly positive, considering the source: NIDA declares that there is “no research that shows that this practice is safe,” and encourages women to check with their doctors before taking cannabis during pregnancy.

As we wrote earlier this year, NIDA is relying on some flawed studies to declare cannabis a health risk to developing fetuses—some research involved mothers who also drank alcohol or used tobacco while pregnant—but on the whole, the agency cannot be faulted for publishing what is a mostly sober and straightforward summation of the facts.

But back to the main point—the loss of a question mark.

Can the change in headline be interpreted as tacit admission from NIDA and its parent agencies that it’s now beyond doubt that marijuana is medicine? Keep in mind that Tom Price is America’s health secretary. As a member of Congress, Price was a reliable vote and voice against accepting cannabis’s legitimacy as a medical treatment—and Price is now NIDA’s ultimate decider.

Perhaps this is the act of some NIDA staffer before the Trump axe falls. Or perhaps we’ve reached the point where nobody, not even the federal government, can deny the obvious.

Source: HighTimes

What is life coming to?


Life is quite insane if you think about it. Humans are here to exist for a certain amount of time, die off, and a new stage of evolution begins. As if you think about it, only 17 years from now we didn’t have zombie-like people walking the earth with these smartphones. 17 years from now life was too different. Not in a bad way of course. In my perspective I would’ve appreciated it more if i was born around 25 years ago. I grew up as the phones were evolving. I’m not much of a technology person myself. Yes, of course I messed around with it and explored the depths of everything. That’s just the person that I am. I explore into things.

I love thinking into detail about things. For example, space. What isn’t there to love about space? Other than the fact an asteroid can swing by and kill all of us off the face of the earth and/or a black hole can appear and suck us up. But in reality I don’t think that’s how it works. You can talk about space for hours or even days on in. Space is a very interesting subject to bring up. You also got the deep ocean and what not. But I’m not much of an ocean fan. Yea its cool and all but I’d rather not talk about fish.

I’m just here rambling on about nothing. I’m just sitting here at my grandmothers house, sitting on what I’d like to say is the dining room table.

Well the ones that or that i hope will actually read some of my blogs don’t really know me so I guess we can get into that. The ones at didn’t read all up on my page, my name is Joshua and I’m a Floridian. I live in what I’d like to call a small city but others see it as something else. I’m obsessed with dirt bikes and motorcycles. As I actually own two dirt bikes. The both are not running. They both need a bit of work to do on them. I’m a nature fanatic and I just want to do something good with my life. I want to make a difference. I want someone to notice me as a good figure and make decent money. That’s my goal in life. Not to be rich or anything but to live happily and be able to buy whatever I want for myself. I want to have a wife and possibly some kids in the future. Sadly as of now I’m not fond of kids as I find them annoying at times but they have their moments. Well, that’s all I got in my system for now. Leave a comment if you want me to talk about something in particular or just ideas on what to blog about. I would appreciate it very much guys!

Bedphones SE


*This is for educational purposes only*


Step 1:

Go to the Bedphones website and go into their F.A.Q. page easily located on the bottom of the website. Once you’re at the faq page scroll all the way down to the form and fill it out like so.

Full Name: {Your name}
Email Address: {Your email}
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Order Number:

Details: (This is an example, I expect you to change the story up a bit for your own safety.)

I have bought these for my daughter since she cannot sleep without sound and she is sharing a room with my other daughter so i need to make sure they can both sleep peacefully. The other night the left side of these headphones broke (the sound cut off and isnt working at all. I’ve tried everything) and now the right side is all staticy and annoying when you try to listen to something. I just bought these 2 months ago from Amazon and I’m not very happy with this especially when its made for sleep.


Step 2:

Within 24 hours you’ll get a email back like so.

Hi {Your name},

This is {customer support} with the Bedphones Service and Support Team. I see that you are having an issue with your Bedphones, and I am so sorry to hear that. Fortunately, I’m here to help! To better assist you, I will need a valid Bedphones proof of purchase, which I did not see in your original message. Please send me one of the following:

1. Your Order Number – or –
2. A valid receipt from one of our verified resellers, like Amazon. You can attach the receipt to this message as a pdf, jpg, or other similar file format. Please make sure that this file is less than 1MB so it sends properly.

Step 3:

Go to and generate yourself a receipt.
Enter a valid order number for the amazon order. Doesn’t matter if its an order number for another product. Just needs to be valid.

Step 4:

Within 24 hours you’ll get an email approving your request and they’ll send you a coupon code to enter into their website. You are able to sell the code so I guess that’s a plus hypothetically.

Dear ~~~~~~~~,

I’d be happy to honor our one-year manufacturer’s warranty by sending you a replacement pair of Bedphones free of charge.

For replacement orders that will be shipped within the United States, please log on to the Bedphones website and use our special one-time-use coupon code {Coupon code here} when you add a pair of Bedphones to your cart. Proceed with checkout and your warranty replacement will be processed. Please note that this coupon code expires on Sunday of next week. If you receive this email after this date has passed and need a new code, please reply and I will send you a new one.

For any warranty orders shipping internationally from the US, please reply to this message with a complete name, valid shipping address, phone number, and email. We will process your warranty replacement manually to avoid additional shipping and customs charges.

Feel free to contact us in the future with any questions or concerns you may have. We hope you enjoy your new Bedphones.

I’m not encouraging anyone to do this. This is for educational purposes only.