AfterShokz SE



AfterShokz SE ~ Working as of 02/26/17

Step 1:

Go to and fill it out with all your info (real email and address) and once you get to ‘Serial Number’

Go online and find a serial number, recommend Ebay. Enter the serial and if it doesn’t work then change the last two number in the serial number. It worked for me and everything went through.

Make it within a month and say you purchased it from Amazon (no need for detail)

~No need for a receipt for this SE~

Ex serials:

600163310661, 600163310669, 600163310610, 600163310213, 600163310121


Step 2:

Once you get your ‘Registration Code’ (from email)  go to and type in your code.

Step 3:

Do the same as I did here :


Don’t put anything in the comments

Step 4:

Wait…. it may take a few days but just cross your fingers and hope to get an email!




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