Bedphones SE


*This is for educational purposes only*


Step 1:

Go to the Bedphones website and go into their F.A.Q. page easily located on the bottom of the website. Once you’re at the faq page scroll all the way down to the form and fill it out like so.

Full Name: {Your name}
Email Address: {Your email}
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Order Number:

Details: (This is an example, I expect you to change the story up a bit for your own safety.)

I have bought these for my daughter since she cannot sleep without sound and she is sharing a room with my other daughter so i need to make sure they can both sleep peacefully. The other night the left side of these headphones broke (the sound cut off and isnt working at all. I’ve tried everything) and now the right side is all staticy and annoying when you try to listen to something. I just bought these 2 months ago from Amazon and I’m not very happy with this especially when its made for sleep.


Step 2:

Within 24 hours you’ll get a email back like so.

Hi {Your name},

This is {customer support} with the Bedphones Service and Support Team. I see that you are having an issue with your Bedphones, and I am so sorry to hear that. Fortunately, I’m here to help! To better assist you, I will need a valid Bedphones proof of purchase, which I did not see in your original message. Please send me one of the following:

1. Your Order Number – or –
2. A valid receipt from one of our verified resellers, like Amazon. You can attach the receipt to this message as a pdf, jpg, or other similar file format. Please make sure that this file is less than 1MB so it sends properly.

Step 3:

Go to and generate yourself a receipt.
Enter a valid order number for the amazon order. Doesn’t matter if its an order number for another product. Just needs to be valid.

Step 4:

Within 24 hours you’ll get an email approving your request and they’ll send you a coupon code to enter into their website. You are able to sell the code so I guess that’s a plus hypothetically.

Dear ~~~~~~~~,

I’d be happy to honor our one-year manufacturer’s warranty by sending you a replacement pair of Bedphones free of charge.

For replacement orders that will be shipped within the United States, please log on to the Bedphones website and use our special one-time-use coupon code {Coupon code here} when you add a pair of Bedphones to your cart. Proceed with checkout and your warranty replacement will be processed. Please note that this coupon code expires on Sunday of next week. If you receive this email after this date has passed and need a new code, please reply and I will send you a new one.

For any warranty orders shipping internationally from the US, please reply to this message with a complete name, valid shipping address, phone number, and email. We will process your warranty replacement manually to avoid additional shipping and customs charges.

Feel free to contact us in the future with any questions or concerns you may have. We hope you enjoy your new Bedphones.

I’m not encouraging anyone to do this. This is for educational purposes only.

AfterShokz SE



AfterShokz SE ~ Working as of 02/26/17

Step 1:

Go to and fill it out with all your info (real email and address) and once you get to ‘Serial Number’

Go online and find a serial number, recommend Ebay. Enter the serial and if it doesn’t work then change the last two number in the serial number. It worked for me and everything went through.

Make it within a month and say you purchased it from Amazon (no need for detail)

~No need for a receipt for this SE~

Ex serials:

600163310661, 600163310669, 600163310610, 600163310213, 600163310121


Step 2:

Once you get your ‘Registration Code’ (from email)  go to and type in your code.

Step 3:

Do the same as I did here :


Don’t put anything in the comments

Step 4:

Wait…. it may take a few days but just cross your fingers and hope to get an email!