What is life coming to?


Life is quite insane if you think about it. Humans are here to exist for a certain amount of time, die off, and a new stage of evolution begins. As if you think about it, only 17 years from now we didn’t have zombie-like people walking the earth with these smartphones. 17 years from now life was too different. Not in a bad way of course. In my perspective I would’ve appreciated it more if i was born around 25 years ago. I grew up as the phones were evolving. I’m not much of a technology person myself. Yes, of course I messed around with it and explored the depths of everything. That’s just the person that I am. I explore into things.

I love thinking into detail about things. For example, space. What isn’t there to love about space? Other than the fact an asteroid can swing by and kill all of us off the face of the earth and/or a black hole can appear and suck us up. But in reality I don’t think that’s how it works. You can talk about space for hours or even days on in. Space is a very interesting subject to bring up. You also got the deep ocean and what not. But I’m not much of an ocean fan. Yea its cool and all but I’d rather not talk about fish.

I’m just here rambling on about nothing. I’m just sitting here at my grandmothers house, sitting on what I’d like to say is the dining room table.

Well the ones that or that i hope will actually read some of my blogs don’t really know me so I guess we can get into that. The ones at didn’t read all up on my page, my name is Joshua and I’m a Floridian. I live in what I’d like to call a small city but others see it as something else. I’m obsessed with dirt bikes and motorcycles. As I actually own two dirt bikes. The both are not running. They both need a bit of work to do on them. I’m a nature fanatic and I just want to do something good with my life. I want to make a difference. I want someone to notice me as a good figure and make decent money. That’s my goal in life. Not to be rich or anything but to live happily and be able to buy whatever I want for myself. I want to have a wife and possibly some kids in the future. Sadly as of now I’m not fond of kids as I find them annoying at times but they have their moments. Well, that’s all I got in my system for now. Leave a comment if you want me to talk about something in particular or just ideas on what to blog about. I would appreciate it very much guys!